Sino-African Cooperation during the Pandemic
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COVID-19 has had a huge impact on global public health governance and the world economy. While containing the pandemic and resuming work and production, China is committed to strengthening its international cooperation in fighting COVID-19, providing pandemic prevention and control materials for many countries, and sending medical teams to help other countries.

Africa and China have become closer due to collaboration in the fight against COVID-19. African countries have been supporting China during the pandemic in various ways, and China has also shared its experience in COVID-19 control with Africa and provided assistance to African countries. During the pandemic, cooperation between Africa and China has continued uninterrupted, and the promotion of many Belt and Road projects successfully resisted the adverse effects of the pandemic. These contribute to the economic development and improvement of livelihood in African countries. The Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention (currently in phase one of construction), which is being built with China’s assistance, will begin operation this year. It will lay a solid foundation for future disease prevention and control work in Africa.

At present, the global pandemic prevention and control situation remains grim, and all parties of the international community need to work together to overcome the pandemic. (By Gert Groble, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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