Jinhua native carves soft tofu
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Videos about Jinhua native Wang Weiting engraving celebrity images on soft tofu recently went viral online, receiving more than 400,000 likes. Wang enjoys making engravings on various materials and recently tried doing it on tofu.


In late December of last year, Wang uploaded four videos recording himself engraving on tofu. The videos show Wang using a knife to create an image on freshly-cooked soft tofu, demonstrating his skills as a handicraftsman. He finished the work by pouring soy sauce on it to highlight its outline.


Wang said he was inspired by a video about carving patterns on steamed egg custard. "I thought it interesting to create engravings on steamed egg custard, so I decided to give it a try and found it's not too difficult."

Soft tofu is a favorite dish of Wang's, so he naturally wanted to use it to make engraving art.


He has also made a variety of other works, including engraving a portrait on a sheep bone, eating out a side face of Steve Jobs from an apple, and engraving an old man from stacked newspapers.


Wang has made a name for himself. Last year, he was invited by television stations in Tianjin, Jilin, Shandong, and Hebei to demonstrate his talent.


Unlike traditional handicraftsmen, Wang adds many trendy elements to his works. "Considering most people like something unique, I innovate in terms of both materials and themes," he said.


In his opinion, everything can be used for engraving and he is inspired by many common objects, including old newspapers, waste paper boards, lip sticks, soaps, sweet potatoes, and radishes.


Wang often feels nostalgia for his past. He has engraved the house of his childhood on a brick and engraved his grandma's dog greeting family members in front of a gate on the tooth of a mammoth.


In the future, Wang will continue to innovate and explore, and he plans to create unique engraving works that can be preserved for a long time. For him, many people, events, and things deserve to be cherished.





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