Jinyidong Line’s Signal System Construction Begins
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On December 29, the first station model of the Jinhua-Yiwu-Dongyang Intercity Railway (Jinyidong line) signal system construction was accepted at Jinhua Station. Next, it will be considered against a benchmark for standardized construction. Following the civil engineering, track laying, interior decoration, and the riding test of the first train, the entire line will come to the stage of systematic equipment installation.

The installation of the signal system was designed by Shanghai Engineering Bureau of CRSC, involving all links of the entire line, including the main line, stations, control centers, depots, maintenance centers, parking lots, test lines, etc. In the intercity railway system, the signal is precise and complicated, which is closely related to the safety, efficiency, and service quality of the operation of rail transit.

Therefore, the Municipal Railway Group implemented the “first piece is the benchmark” project at Jinhua Station. The construction includes indoor cable trunking, indoor cable layout, indoor wiring, cabinet installation, power lightning protection box installation, and equipment identification, etc. The signal system of an intercity railway is like the central nervous system and the eyes of humans. A set of high-standard and high-quality signal systems can enable trains to operate safely, quickly, and manage times of peak ridership in an orderly way. (By Xu Zhaohui, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Ayad Mariam)





信号系统就好比是轨道交通的中枢神经眼睛,一套高标准高质量的信号系统,可以让列车实现安全快速、高密度、有序运行。(记者 徐朝晖

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