New-Energy Refrigerated Trucks Released
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On December 27, in Lingxiazhu Industrial Park, Jinyi New Urban District, Zhejiang Changyue New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. held a ceremony for the completion of its new-energy refrigerated truck production base and the rolling off of its first refrigerated truck. Changyue is a high-tech enterprise committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services of new-energy refrigerated trucks.

At present, the new-energy automobile industry in Jinhua has formed an industrial system featuring the manufacturing of new energy vehicles and the manufacturing of key components, such as motors and electronic controls, with representative companies such as Kangdi, Aite, Leap Motor, Unite, and Jinda.(Photo and text by Kong Debin, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

新能源 冷藏车下线

1227日,在金义新区岭下朱工业园区,浙江长岳新能源汽车有限公司举行基地建成暨首台冷藏车下线仪式。该公司是集从事新能源冷链车研发、制造、销售、服务于一体的高新技术企业。 目前,金华市新能源汽车产业已经形成了以康迪、爱特、零跑、尤奈特、金大等企业为代表的新能源整车制造和电机、电控等关键零部件制造的产业体系。(通讯员 孔德宾 文/摄)

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