Bonded Zone Shopping Center Phase II Opens
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On October 7, at the second phase of the import commodity purchase center in Jinhua (Yiwu) Comprehensive Bonded Zone (CBZ), citizens were flooding in to purchase popular imported commodities from all over the world.

On September 30, CBZ shopping center phase II opened to the public. “We decided to open the second phase before the National Day holiday so it can better drive consumption growth during the holiday,” said Xu Gensheng, BOD president of CBZ Development Co., Ltd.

The import commodity purchase center in CBZ is currently the largest shopping center among the city’s cross-border new retail shopping centers. Since its official opening on February 5 this year, the first phase of the center has quickly shortened the distance between shoppers and quality products around the world. Various commodities in six major categories (parenting and baby supplies, food, daily wares, cosmetics, wine, and health products) from over 50 countries fill the shelves, allowing consumers to buy overseas products directly from overseas merchants. In addition, a shopping platform developed by CBZ makes it possible for customers to make online purchases during their offline experience, which has won over many consumers.

The first phase of the center has now been open for more than half a year, bringing benefits and convenience to customers. The consumption potential for this concept was slowly realized. In order to further enrich the experience, increase sales, and meet more consumers’ needs, planning for the second phase of the center quickly began.

“The design and decoration of the second phase started in August, and the preparatory work was completed in just two months. The progress was very fast,” said Xu. In the second phase, foreign branded cosmetics have their individual counters. Also there are beauty areas, daily necessities/parenting and baby areas, health care products, light luxury products, and wine areas. The types of products will also increase from the original 3000-4000 to 6000-7000.

The overall organization of the sale of commodities has been managed well: The first phase sells duty-paid goods, and all cross-border commodities have been transferred to the second phase. “These cross-border products eliminate the intermediary links of traditional distribution channels in the sales process and give consumers more benefits with their obvious price advantages.” Xu pointed.

In addition to meeting the market demand for imported goods in the urban and surrounding areas, the company will also deploy direct purchase centers to continuously expand service coverage. For now, through cooperation with Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Investment Group, a direct purchase center has been established in the Jinhua rest area of Hangzhou-Jinjiang-Qu Expressway and the Jiande rest area of Hangzhou-Xin’anjiang-Jingdezhen Expressway, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits from the free trade zone.

In addition, according to the plan, a direct purchase center will be located in the Xiaoshan rest area of Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, and the construction of a direct purchase center complex has also been added to the agenda. In the new journey of district development, the radiating scope of the free trade zone will be constantly expanding. (By Wu Yutao, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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