Forum for Central Zhejiang
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On October 13, Jinhua held a forum for Central Zhejiang and invited Chai Qimin, director of the Strategic Planning and Research Department of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, to present a special report to the city’s leaders titled “China’s Carbon Peak and Neutrality Targets, and Interpretation of the Relevant Policy for the 14th Five-Year Plan.”

Municipal leaders Xing Zhihong, Zhang Weiya, Zhu Lungen, and others attended the meeting. Lin Xiaofeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, presided over the forum.

Chai, as a member of the government delegation, has long participated in the United Nations climate change negotiations. At the forum, he comprehensively interpreted the policy and implementation plan for the carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets from the perspectives of national goals and vision, global progress of carbon neutralization, and typical cases of industrial development.

In view of the opportunities and challenges that the carbon peak and neutrality goals bring to Jinhua, Chai put forward four suggestions: developing the transformation strategy in advance and building Jinhua into a leading demonstration city with zero carbon emission; improving the city’s level of environmental public services and strengthening its ability to cope with climate change impacts; accelerating the upgrading of companies and strengthening the industrial transformation of zero-carbon technology; promoting high-quality economic development and increasing environment-related supply, investment, and job opportunities.

It was emphasized at the meeting that the control of both energy consumption amount and intensity was necessary for the realization of the carbon peak and neutrality goals. The leaders must enhance their sense of responsibility for the “dual control” of energy consumption, and adhere to scientific and accurate controls and orderly and effective implementation. The government should accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as promoting investment attraction. In addition, Jinhua should adjust and optimize its industrial economic structure, and accelerate high-quality economic development, taking advantage of the “vacating the cage to change the birds” (transferring the companies with low production capacity out of industrial land and introducing superior companies to make full use of the land) plan of Zhejiang.

Attending the forum were members of the Theoretical Learning Group of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, leaders of the Standing Committee of the Jinhua Municipal People’s Congress, the Jinhua Municipal Government, and the Jinhua Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the president of the Jinhua Municipal People’s Court, the procurator general of the Jinhua Municipal People’s Procuratorate, the main principals of Jinhua Polytechnic and Yiwu Vocational & Commercial College, the main principals and responsible persons of organizations directly under the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, and the learning secretary of the Theoretical Learning Group of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee. (By Du Xiaoping – Jinhua Daily, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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