Jinhua Companies at Canton Fair
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From October 15 to 19, the 130th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) was held both online and offline for the first time. Nearly 500 companies from the Jinhua Trading Group participated in the exhibition. Since the 128th China Import and Export Fair, domestic commodities sales have greatly increased, which has brought opportunities for foreign trade companies to transform domestic sales. Many companies have set their sights on the domestic market.

In order to make a stunning appearance at this Canton Fair, Jinhua exhibitors have made various plans. For example, in the live broadcast room of Crown Investment Group Co., Ltd., the anchors can introduce new products in fluent English. Based on the online exhibition experience accumulated in recent years, this time the company is more confident. In order to prepare for the Fair, Wang Jiao, the company’s brand design director, has been very busy purchasing new livestreaming equipment, equipped with live broadcast personnel and business personnel, and more than 300 exhibits.

Wang Jiao and the team began preparations two months ago. “Offline, we set up four booths and dispatched four business personnel, three livestream-related personnel, and two technical coordinators. Online, we set up a live broadcast team of three people to prepare for the whole day. We will introduce products to merchants in the form of livestreams and recorded broadcasts 24 hours a day,” Wang Jiao said. The new lithium battery platform products that the company brought to the exhibition this time are trending as replacements for large AC tools, so the company is very confident that they will receive tens of millions of orders through this Import and Export Fair. (By Luo Yi, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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