Internet Celebrities Visit Jinhua
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Jinhua has caught the attention of outsiders during its long-term development. From October 19 to 22, many Internet celebrities from inside and outside Zhejiang visited Yongkang and Wuyi, celebrated the local characteristics, clarified the components behind common prosperity, and showed the voice of Jinhua’s development to the outside world.

“The two regions have their own way of development. Yongkang and Wuyi are developing rapidly. During my visit, I have found that people here have a great sense of happiness. Moreover, the two regions have showcased their own characteristics in their efforts to achieve common prosperity,” said one internet celebrity.

“The Party members and leaders here have a spirit of determination.” Dachen Village, Qiancang Town, Yongkang, one of the model cases of Jinhua, was selected as the Provincial Demonstration Zone for Common Prosperity, and it is also a concentrated expression of Yongkang’s development with local characteristics. Under the leadership of Party members and leaders, Dachen’s coffee, homestays, bars, tie-dye craftsmanship, etc., have been economically enriching, drawing increasingly more tourists. (By Xu Jianyong, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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