Quinquennial Plan for Mid-West Zhejiang Culture
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The soil of Zhejiang has already stepped on the new exemplary path of common prosperity, and now it is time to focus on the challenge of making the seemingly soft power of culture Jinhua’s common prosperity’s solid foundation of support.

In 2004, Xi Jinping, then secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Committee, visited Jinhua and suggested to speed up the process of making Jinhua a cultural center for central and western Zhejiang, based on humanistic tradition.

In July 2021, the 7th Session of the 9th Jinhua Party Committee proposed to establish a primary exemplary area of high-quality development and common prosperity for mid-Zhejiang as well as establish four major centers: science and innovation, education, medicine, and culture. Based on relevant research completed early this year, the first compilation of the “14th Five-Year Plan for Establishment of Mid-West Zhejiang Cultural Center” was released by the Municipal Party Committee of the Department of Publicity.

Common prosperity is not a simple material enrichment but also involves the higher pursuit of essential civilization. Spiritual wealth should be achieved in a condition of common prosperity, and cultural advancement should be achieved within advancement of modernization. Culture should then become an ideal point within this “important window,” an attractive pursuit. Efforts to build an exemplary area of high-quality development and common prosperity should be put in place to prove Jinhua’s major role in building an influential cultural province.

In the next five years, Jinhua will strive to build an ideologically and culturally leading demonstration area with Chinese style, Zhejiang’s charm, and local characteristics, setting a benchmark for the conservation and use of traditional culture, an area for public cultural services, a model for creation of outstanding literary and artistic works, a leading region for modern communication systems, and an advanced location for cultural innovation.

New Era, Mission, and Actions

The cultural front should closely focus on the goals of building a cultural center in central and western Zhejiang, give full play to Jinhua’s cultural heritage, and strive to reshape the advantages of modern culture, as well as provide mid-Zhejiang with strong ideological bases, public opinion support, spiritual motivations, and cultural enrichment.

Traditional Culture as Core

Jinhua’s centuries-old tradition includes rich culture and local eminent characters, among which historical features and cultural relics are spread along local neighborhoods, villages, towns, totaling at the provincial forefront. The millenary civilization of Shangshan is the foundation of world rice cultivation, while the villages Zhuge and Changle are examples of integrally preserved ancient villages. In addition, the schools of thought of Jinhua and Yongkang are core components of the East Zhejiang School and major sources for the development of the Zhejiang School.

Cultural Innovation as a Major Feature

Zhejiang is a crucial land for the development of communist culture, as the location where the ‘red boat’ of the Chinese revolution set sail, where the reform and opening up era began, and where Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics took shape. These three aspects are distinctive feature of Jinhua, too: the first Chinese translation of the Communist Manifesto was by Chen Wangdao, a native of Yiwu; the reform and opening up lead to the innovative development which resulted also in Jinhua’s spirit of the new era, defined as the spirit of harmony, hard work, and joint development; within Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the cases of Yiwu’s development, Houchen experience, and Pujiang’s system consist of a major source of innovative theories.

Influential Cultural Industry

With its core in the small commodities market, Yiwu shall play a leading role in the shifting process from manufacturing to smart creativity in the field of global cultural commodity trade. In addition, to present, six counties (including cities and districts) in Jinhua have successfully established full-scale tourism exemplary zones of provincial level.

Refined Cultural Services

In recent years, the number of awards for Jinhua's literary and artistically refined products has ranked top three in the province. This is primarily thanks to the expansion of Wu Opera influence and the large-scale production of film and television dramas.

Based on such premises, Jinhua proposes with confidence to establish a cultural center in central and western Zhejiang. Keeping in consideration the people’s expectations for a richer and high-quality cultural life, it is necessary to strengthen cultural self-confidence and awareness, implement the project related to cultural prosperity in the new era, enhance the cohesion, creativity, and influence of Jinhua’s culture, and promote cultural interaction between the areas of central and western Zhejiang. (By Xu Zhaohui, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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