Live-Streaming Promotes Double 11 Sales
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Since the opening of the Double 11 Shopping Carnival, in various shops in the village of Jiangbei Xiazhu, Futian Subdistrict, Yiwu, retailers have been busy broadcasting online to promote their products by mobile phones. Packages are piled up mountain high at the doors, and express delivery vehicles come and go in a continuous stream. In this shopping event, live-streaming has been a frequently used method in pre-sales, and it has contributed greatly to the growth of total sales. 

For traditional e-commerce companies, live broadcast can introduce products more directly and attract more customers. Cui Jun, the person in charge of Danni Toys Company on Chengdian South Road, said that during Double 11 this year, many Tmall sellers have launched a live-streaming sales model, and online sales are expected to double. (By Luo Hongting, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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