Early Orders for Yiwu Goods
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A merchant of YITC writes an order

As the Spring Festival nears, festival supplies such as new year paintings and calendars in District 3 of the Yiwu International Trade City (YITC) are beginning their peak shipment period.

This year, unlike previous years, fewer customers are coming to the market to purchase due to the pandemic, and they can only make orders online. From August to September each year, customers in the northeast and northwest regions of China begin to place orders with suppliers in Yiwu, and they usually come to the Yiwu market around November to pick up the goods. These are called “early orders.”

They do this because the northeast and northwest regions enter winter earlier than other regions, and the transportation channels are often interrupted by natural disasters such as thick fog, heavy rain and ice, and several inches of snow. Therefore, they place orders in advance to get the goods shipped earlier. The majority of buyers who place “late orders” are generally from southern regions, purchasing mainly from October to mid-November.

The director of the third branch of the YITC said that, under the guidance of the head office, they will take the model of “Party Building +” and advertise high-quality merchants to attract more buyers through the Chinagoods platform. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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