Yiwu and the Double 11 Shopping Festival
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On the afternoon of November 10, at the Yiwu Express (Cross-Border) Supervision Center, armed with protective clothing, the staff of the International Landport Group were busy putting parcels on the automated assembly line for inspection after a second disinfection.

These parcels are cross-border goods purchased on Tmall International’s participation in China’s biggest shopping festival, Double 11. They were transported via China Post cargo plane and delivered from Osaka International Airport in Japan to Yiwu Airport. After being completely disinfected, these packages were delivered to Yiwu Express (Cross-Border) Supervision Center for customs clearance.

According to a director of International Landport Group, before the Double 11 shopping festival, the Group had coordinated with Yiwu Customs to work out a regulatory clearance plan and an emergency plan to make every effort to ensure that the parcels will pass through customs on the same day they arrive.

One director from Tmall International said that thanks to these services and measures, now it is much faster for consumers to receive their goods. (By Qian Xusheng, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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