Digital Technology Drives Smart Agriculture
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On the morning of November 11, Chen Yuanchao, person in charge of Chenghong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiaoshun, Jinyi New District, skillfully tapped away on an agricultural internet of things application installed on his mobile phone to ventilate his grape sheds. According to Chen, the sheds are equipped with digital equipment – remote intelligent control of water and fertilizer and integrated sprinkler irrigation. They can open and seal the shed with a tap on a phone to water and fertilize the grapes.

5G Video Surveillance on the tea land of Zhejiang Gengxiang Organic Tea Company

In the rural areas of Jinhua, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud platforms, and mobile Internet are widely used in various aspects: production and cultivation of vegetables and fruits, the prevention and control of fruit tree diseases and pests, rice field management, Chinese medicine planting, and agricultural product sales, to name a few.

5G Smart Tea Land

Tap a mobile phone to remotely control the equipment in the greenhouse

Digital technology seems ubiquitous, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture to smart agriculture and empowering agriculture through science and technology, which contributes to a bumper harvest and increases of farmers’ income. (Text and photos by Shi Kuan Bing, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)

Automatic sprinkler irrigation system with integrated water and fertilizer for vegetable seedling cultivation in Shengke Family Farm

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