Jinhua’s GDP Growth Rate First in Province
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The data released by the Municipal Bureau of Statistics on October 25 showed that in the first three quarters, Jinhua’s GDP totaled 383.865 billion RMB, an increase of 12.1% at comparable prices, ranking first in Zhejiang Province in terms of growth rate.

According to this report, Jinhua’s many economic indicators, such as industrial growth rate, investment growth rate, foreign trade import growth rate, and market entities’ increase, are taking the lead in Zhejiang. The Municipal Bureau of Statistics stated that Jinhua’s economic growth has become more balanced with the steady progress of the supply side, the continuous recovery of the demand side, the comprehensive supply of resources, the accumulation of positive factors, and the continuous development of new economic momentum.

In the first three quarters, Jinhua’s industrial growth rate maintained the lead, and the growth rate of foreign trade imports also ranked first in the province. At the same time, Jinhua’s innovation ability has been continuously strengthened, emerging industries are increasing, leading enterprises and online consumption are developing rapidly, and enterprise innovation has become increasingly active.

The Municipal Bureau of Statistics also pointed out that there are still many uncertainties in the current economic recovery. To complete the full-year development goal, effective measures must be taken in order for the economy to achieve more in the fourth quarter. (By Zhang Yixiao, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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