Hengdian Film and Television Industry Upgrades
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Imagine this: you can see the Eiffel Tower outside the window when you open the curtains. Suddenly, the view changes, and an Antarctic glacier appears. Then you get into a car and everything makes you believe that you are on the highway. In the blink of an eye, you will find yourself driving in the middle of a prairie. With immersive technologies, the camera crews in Hengdian can shoot various images without considering changes of time and space.

On October 21, the first batch of 12 high-tech studios in Hengdian Film and Television Industrial Park opened, including the No. 1 studio, where the digital virtual studio is located, and the No. 3 studio, the largest studio in the world. This is a provincial key project since 2020, including 29 international standard high-tech studios and modern film and television shooting scenes, with a total investment of 3 billion RMB.

“Thanks to the LED shooting technology, you can create anything you want to see,” said Qin Lujiang, a staff member of Hengdian Film and Television Crew Service Co., Ltd. The light and depth of field can be controlled by adjusting the perspective system of the 3D image. Currently, the digital virtual studio has served 10 camera crews.

Some studios in Hengdian Film and Television Industrial Park are also pioneering a new mode. The studio area has acquired the function of a real-scene base through exterior modification, which makes up for the low numbers of modern movie shooting venues.

All the Hengdian high-tech studios are built in accordance with international standards in terms of space, acoustics, and electricity, and is equipped with sufficient auxiliary rooms to meet the diverse requirements of camera crews. On November 11, the crew of The Ming Dynasty under the Microscope moved from Yongkang to Hengdian. As soon as they entered the industrial park, Producer Chen Yingnan went straight to studio No. 5. He has been engaged in the film and television industry for more than 10 years and is satisfied with this new development: “The high-tech studio has made Hengdian more attractive. The safety measures are well done, and the horse track design was reasonable, which saves us a lot of transition costs.”

The director of Hengdian World Studios said that the pandemic indeed hit the industry hard but also accelerated the reshuffling of the industry, and the investment in the high-tech studios will further improve the industrial chain and enhance the core competitiveness of the Hengdian film and television cultural industry. “This is an important strategic layout for the Hengdian film and television shooting base to transform from the world’s largest studio to the strongest one.”

From January to October this year, Hengdian received 351 camera crews, a year-on-year increase of 25%. “With technological innovation to support the ecological construction of the industrial chain, Hengdian will comprehensively improve the digitalization and modernization of the film and television cultural industry, build toward healthy and sustainable development of China’s film and television production ecosystem, and strive to become the most active and widely used film and television production technology innovation base in China,” the director said.

Despite the impact of the pandemic and intensified regional competition, Hengdian’s film and television industry has not stagnated. The construction and operation of high-tech studios are conducive to perfecting the industrial chain and gathering high-end elements. The crisis created opportunity, a situation in which innovators thrive. Using the major platform of the Hengdian film and television cultural industry cluster to continuously promote reform and innovation, Hengdian’s film and television cultural industry will be able to achieve even greater success. (By Zhang Yixiao & Chen Han, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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