“5G+Smart Mine” Project
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Last year, Jinchang Mining signed a contract with Zhejiang Mobile Jinhua Branch for the “5G+Smart Mine” project. This is the province’s first 5G+ unmanned mining project in underground mining areas, and it is also the first attempt at domestic small and medium-sized underground non-coal mines to fully process unmanned mining.

At present, 32 5G antennas have been deployed underground, and more than 3000 meters of cables have been laid, covering 8 mines. The average downlink rate of 5G networks has reached 800Mbps or more, and the delay is less than 20 milliseconds. The project entered the test phase in June of this year.

The application of 5G in underground mines has moved the mining control surface to the ground. Workers only need to remotely operate the robot in an operations room to complete the work. In addition to the underground workers staying away from harsh working environments underground, this also solves the traditional problems in manual operation: high risk factors and high labor intensity. (By Xu Zhenjin, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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