Congress Representatives Listen to Residents’ Concerns
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On October 27, representatives of the People’s Congress at the municipal and district levels visited the 12345 (8890) Convenient Service Center, centering on the comprehensive reform experiment of basic education, the “double reduction” policy pilot project, the “dual control” of energy, and the on its construction of the demonstration zone of Central Zhejiang in realizing common prosperity, and listened to the residents’ opinions to try to deal with their concerns.

“My child is in the fifth grade of primary school, and the school gave them many written assignments. Moreover, the school also requires parents to check the homework,” said Mr. Liu. “Under the policy of double reduction, some schools did not reduce the students’ homework.”

Ye Lei, a representative of the National People’s Congress, mentioned that she had the opportunity to hear the issues of greatest concern to the residents, which enables her to better fulfill her duties to serve the people in the future.

According to statistics, five representatives of the Congress received a total of 32 complaints from the residents on the same day. The deputies of the National People’s Congress will sort out the problems and suggestions they have received, and transfer them to the relevant departments for handling. After that, a return visit will be conducted to ensure that the residents’ concerns were well addressed. (By Shen Jiling, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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