Yiwu Leaders Inspect Key Projects
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On the afternoon of November 3, Lin Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Jian, deputy mayor of Jinhua and mayor of Yiwu, inspected the construction of key projects in Yiwu. Other leaders of Yiwu—Yu Xingui, Luo Xiaojun, and Luo Zupan—also participated in the inspection.

The key projects they inspected were Airport Road Extension Project, Underground Ring Road Project (Intersection of Workers Road and Yidong Road), Jinyidong Light Rail Project, Zhejiang University Belt and Road International School of Medicine Project, China Jiliang University Project Phase II, Fudan University Yiwu Research Institute Project, and Shuangjiang Water Conservancy Project.

Every site they visited, the leaders listened to the reports of the persons-in-charge, learned the details about the progress of the projects, and inquired about the difficulties and problems during the construction, operation, and development of these projects. They also inspected and utilized the trains of the Jinyidong Light Rail Project carry out relevant on-site inspections.

On the occasion, Lin Yi pointed out that project construction is an important starting point for expanding effective investment and enhancing development potential, and it is also an important measure to promote economic development and improve people’s livelihood and well-being. He also remarked that the whole city must firmly establish the work concept that grasping projects is grasping development, effectively enhancing the sense of responsibility and awareness of service, promoting the construction of high-quality key projects, and speeding up the planning of next year’s projects as well as utilizing projects to boost the high-quality development of Yiwu.

Lin Yi emphasized that all relevant town-and-street departments and construction units should further optimize the implementation plans based on the actual progress of the projects, accordingly adjust the progress of construction, specify time points, and accelerate the progress while ensuring construction safety and project quality. It is also necessary to strengthen overall coordination and promote top-level design for projects.

Lin mentioned that it is important to streamline the system and mechanism of the Shuangjiang Lake “1+3” Project as soon as possible, create a system that establishes clear responsibilities at each level, implement a first-rate supervision mechanism, ensuring rapid progress of the project. He remarked it is necessary to strengthen the daily management of the project, strictly implement safe production, and earnestly build these projects into high-quality projects and landmark projects that can withstand the test of time. (By Wang Ting, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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