Dongyang Explores Digital Fume Control
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In order to enhance the supervision of commercial cooking oil fumes, the Dongyang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau carried out a pilot online monitoring project for cooking oil fumes for 30 restaurants in Dongyang according to the business scale of the restaurants and the complaints and reports the bureau had received.

The bureau has installed the online monitoring system in restaurants in Luzhai scenic spot and along Ganxi West Street, and clarified the responsibility of equipment maintenance to ensure the effective online monitoring of cooking oil fume emission. With the equipment installed in the restaurants, the online monitoring system can achieve 24-hour comprehensive monitoring of oil fume emission concentration, the operation status of the oil fume purification system and fans, and other indicators.

Law enforcement personnel can also synchronously monitor and manage the equipment through computers, mobile phones, and other terminals. If the emission data exceeds the standard, law enforcement personnel will first remind the restaurants and urge them to clean or repair the fume purification device. If the reminder does not work, they will be put on record and receive punishment. (By Hu Yuan, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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