Four Projects of Jinhua Selected as Provincial Excellent Cases
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The Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang released the list of “2020 Zhejiang Digital Economy ‘Five New’ Excellent Cases,” and a total of 14 projects were selected. Four projects of Jinhua—Jinhua Hengdian DMEGC, Pujiang Hangzhou Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd., the Health Commission of Jinhua, and Pujiang People’s Hospital—are on the list.

Based on the “Cloud-Side-End” industrial Internet system, Hengdian DMEGC created an integrated solution from the terminal network to the front platform. Hangzhou Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd., cooperating with Zhejiang Mobile Jinhua Branch, built a model 5G smart factory and implemented the 5G+ high-precision grinding machine cloud smart manufacturing project. The 5G+ Video Networking Project of the Health Commission of Jinhua is the first 5G+ video networking solution in China, with two core functions: remote high-definition video conferencing and remote medical consultation. Using 4G+5G network collaboration, Pujiang People’s Hospital created a 5G mobile ward rounding project, and built a 4G+5G collaborative mobile rounding system that supports mobile nursing, in-hospital mobile rounding, and remote mobile rounding. (Translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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