Construction Project of Institute of Technology
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On February 5, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Jinhua Institute of Technology (JIT) was held in Jinyi New District. Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, announced the commencement of construction. Xing Zhihong, deputy secretary of the CPC Jinhua Committee and acting mayor of Jinhua, delivered a speech. Many other city leaders also attended the ceremony.


As early as 2004, Xi Jinping, then-Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, gave important instructions when he carried out investigations in Jinhua. He asked Jinhua to accelerate the construction of an education center in the western part of the mid-Zhejiang area. At the end of 2017, the Ministry of Education officially approved the inclusion of JIT in Zhejiang Province’s 13th Five-Year Plan for the establishment of higher education institutions. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government proposed to adopt the model of “independent construction + construction with assistance” to build JIT into a science and engineering college that cultivates high-end technical talents.


JIT, a local undergraduate college, is located on the west bank of Yangjianshan Reservoir in Jinyi New District. It has temporarily set up secondary colleges such as Intelligent Manufacturing College, Cyberspace Security College, Life and Health College, etc. This construction project includes public teaching buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, administrative centers, and more.

Xing Zhihong said in his speech that the first undergraduate university founded by the people of Jinhua will soon become a reality, and the whole city will work together to develop higher education in Zhejiang Province. (Text and photo by Wu Zhenrong, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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