Gu Chen, IT Expert in the Force
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“This part of the data, Gu Chen, check it!”

“The programming of the webpage still needs to be changed; call Gu Chen to solve it!”

In the Jiangnan Branch of the Criminal Investigation Center of Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Public Security, Gu Chen is busy clicking his mouse and tapping his keyboard in front of his computer screen, upon which display rows of data or frames of video. He is known as the “computer master,” and also the “IT detector” in the force.

Having worked in the anti-fraud investigation unit for four years, Gu has investigated over 370 cases of e-fraud, queried over hundreds of thousands of pieces of funds flow information, detected over 130 pieces of evidence, helped follow more than 200 suspects, and successfully stopped fraudulent payments totaling 210 million RMB and assisted with refunds totaling 30 million. The webpage of the center, from the initial frame structure to the coding, are all carefully designed by Gu.

In addition to being an expert in the field, he is also a very helpful colleague, assisting his coworkers in all sorts of IT problems, be it computers or mobile phones. With Gu, all our problems can be solved at any time.” Colleagues’ words are always full of admiration. (By Jin Feipeng, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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