New Sino-Japanese Project in Jinhua
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On February 7, Jinhua Development Zone and Shanghai Xi’ai’xi Hydrogen Energy Development Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, making plans for a cooperation project on Sino-Japanese hydrogen energy industry development to settle in the development zone. To complete the hydrogen energy industry chain, Jinhua Development Zone is actively introducing hydrogen energy industry projects with strong influence to be a driving force at home and abroad and has made substantial progress in improving its hydrogen energy industry cluster.

According to the agreement, Shanghai Xi’ai’xi Hydrogen Energy Development Co., Ltd. will give full play to its advantages in the new energy industry in terms of talents, technology, management, and capital to develop Sino-Japanese hydrogen energy industry cooperation projects by working with Jinhua Development Zone, including work on the new energy industry, modern service industry, advanced automobile manufacturing, and more. These projects mainly include the construction of the Sino-Japanese Hydrogen Energy R&D Building in the Central Innovation Zone (the southern district), the R&D and manufacturing production base of hydrogen energy vehicle accessoriesand automobile assemblyin the high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park, and hydrogen energy integration service station.

Wu Qiongxiong, executive director and general manager of Shanghai Xi’ai’xi Hydrogen Energy Development Co., Ltd., said that Jinhua Development Zone is one of the most innovative and dynamic areas in the Yangtze River Delta, in addition to having beautiful natural landscapes, profound cultural heritage, and a solid equipment manufacturing foundation. In the aspect of strategy, Xi’ai’xi and Jinhua Development Zone share the common goal of building a perfect hydrogen energy industrial cluster in Jinhua. They plan to deploy the hydrogen energy industry in the development zone, integrate high-end talents and scientific and technological resources in the hydrogen energy industry from China and Japan, and introduce leading experts and innovative talents at home and abroad. Furthermore, they will cooperate to construct hydrogen energy R&D laboratories, major scientific and technological experimental devices, R&D and manufacturing bases of high-end equipment, headquarters, etc. All these efforts go toward constructing a hydrogen energy industry cluster in the development zone and promoting the growth of the development zone.

The newly established Shanghai Xi’ai’xi Hydrogen Energy Development Co., Ltd. was set up by an R&D team led by Wu Qiongxiong, a hydrogen energy expert studying in Japan. This company integrates the advantageous resources of seven leading Japanese automotive companies, including Choshu Industrial Co., Ltd., and Toyota Motor Corporation. Since its establishment, the company has focused on the key technologies of hydrogen energy like fuel cell core components and efficient hydrogen storage and transportation systems. It is committed to building a hydrogen energy vehicle manufacturing base in China. In order to deploy the development and cooperation projects of the Sino-Japanese hydrogen energy industry, Wu Qiongxiong and his team finally decided to join hands with Jinhua Development Zone for its good development environment and professional industry supporting facilities, after multiple rounds of selection in the early stages. After signing the cooperation agreement, the two parties will set up a working team and begin implementing the cooperation agreement as quickly as possible. (Translated by Wei Han, edited by Wei Han)

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