“5G Network + Smart Mining” in Jinhua
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Thanks to the construction of new infrastructure and the implementation of “5G network + smart mining,” Jinchang Mining Co., Ltd., located in Baishe Township, Lanxi, is making intelligent unmanned mining a reality.

In the past, mining operations faced many difficulties, such as high dependency on manual operation, low efficiency, and harsh working environments. In addition, the many risks during underground mining operations are likely to affect safe production. Last year, Jinchang Mining successfully passed the application for becoming one of theprovincial technology-based small- and medium-sized companies and signed a cooperation agreement on “5G network + smart mining” with Zhejiang Mobile Jinhua Branch. This is also Zhejiang’s first “5G network + smart mining” project in the underground mining area. After more than half a year of construction, more than 1,700 meters of 5G cables have been laid, which has achieved full coverage of 5G signal in the mining area.

Nowadays, drilling, blasting, mining, filling, etc., all of these steps can be completed by operating robots. With the use of robots, only a few workers are needed in medium-risk areas, and completely unmanned production can be achieved in high-risk areas. Robot-assisted operation not only reduces human risks but also lowers production costs and improves production efficiency. (Translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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