CRE Trains During Spring Festival
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The Yiwu-Liège CRE train in operation


At 12:58 on February 12, the first day of the lunar calendar, the Yiwu-Liège China Railway Express (CRE) train departed from the Yiwu Railway Station and headed for Liège, Belgium. The goods on the train, including pandemic prevention materials, daily necessities, cars, treadmills, and scooters, are expected to be delivered to European customers in 17 days.

According to the Yiwu Landport Group, during Spring Festival, the CRE trains maintained normal operation. From February 11 to 17, the CRE trains ran at least three round trips daily. On February 12, the CRE trains ran seven round trips to and from Central Asia, Liège, and Madrid, setting a new record in the daily operation volume of CRE trains.

The CRE trains are a successful way Yiwu has participated in the Belt and Road Initiative and opened up to the world. Many companies in Yiwu have made the CRE trains their first choice to deliver small commodities to Europe and countries in Asia. (Text and photo by Wu Fengyu, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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