Kim Youngyoul: My story with Jinhua
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The departure time of the earliest buses in Jinhua will be postponed from Feb 10 to 17. On Feb 12, the city will open a new bus route to Longshan Cemetery.


The one-month 10th Lanxi Tulip Exhibition was unveiled on Feb 5 at Lanxi Zhongzhou Park, where 170,000 blooming tulips are currently on display.

Profile & Resume


Kim Youngyoul

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South Korean



Born in 1962 in Seoul, Kim once worked in the environmental division of Lotte Corporation and in the machinery division of LG Group. In July 2010, he arrived in Dongyang, where he works as technical director for Zhejiang Kin-Shine Technology Co., Ltd and as general manager for Zhejiang Kin-Shine Yiteng Smart Control.


From customer to partner


Kim came to China for the first time in 2008 and was assigned to work at a company branch in Jiaxing. During that time, he met the head of Dongyang Chemical Machinery Plant, Wang Jianzhong.


In July 2010, Kim returned to China in search of cooperation with a factory producing high-purity gas steel cylinders. "Back then, high-purity semiconductor gases were relatively developed in South Korea and Japan, but they were still in the early stages in China. I had been to China before and knew that the country was developing very rapidly, so I came here looking for a partnership and thought of Wang Jianzhong."


"Compared with big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, Dongyang was relatively rural. When I proposed making high-purity gas cylinders and Wang said he could do it, I just could not believe it," explained Kim. He said, "Mr. Wang and I thought alike - anything is doable; there is no product that cannot be made."


In November 2010, they made their first high-purity gas cylinder and began receiving orders from South Korea.


That year, Dongyang Chemical Machinery Plant established Kin-Shine Technology Co Ltd and Wang invited Kim to join the venture. Kim and Wang are the same age and are not just like-minded partners, but also good friends. Kim said, smiling, "I went from being his customer to being his employee."


Focusing on R&D, communication



For 10 years, Kim has been responsible for the research and development of new products, "I like difficult work and feel bored if there's no pressure." When he first came to China, Kim could only say "hello" and "goodbye" in Chinese, but due to the need to communicate with customers, he had to learn the language well. "Now I have no problem communicating. Chinese people say they can understand me 100 percent."


Two years ago, he led his employees in the development of LPG storage tank gas supply system equipment. The company cooperated with China Gas Holdings to build four pilot projects in the provinces of Hubei and Qinghai on account of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


2020 was the most difficult year for Kim to travel between China and South Korea. He said, "Because of the pandemic, each trip required a period of quarantine. Every time I returned to South Korea, my wife and I were separated at home. And I missed the chance to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with my mother and my in-laws." 


Dongyang feels like home


On weekends, Kim does housework and goes hiking and golfing in Hengdian when the weather is nice. "In Dongyang, there are mountains and rivers, and the air is very good. It is very similar to my hometown," he said. 


When asked why he stayed in Dongyang for 10 years, Kim patted his chest and said, "My heart is here." Retirement age in South Korea and China are similar – around 60 for men. Kim's wife hopes that he retires at the usual time so they can take advantage of still being young enough to travel together. Kim confirmed, "She's right, but I haven't decided a retirement age yet. As long as the company needs me, I'll keep working."


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