Paper-Cutting Embraced at Spring Festival
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“It was so beautiful,” said Chen Yuejin, an avid proponent of paper cutting, an intangible cultural heritage. Mrs. Chen and 13 students of Central Primary School in Quanxi town created different paper-cutting works, through which they conveyed their feelings.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Chen, students cut vivid representations of oxen and exquisite designs for window decorations, such as the characters for “spring” (春) and “happiness” (喜), expressing good wishes for the new year in harmony with the traditional flavor of the spring festival. (Text and photo by Lian Xumin, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)

     以纸传情 迎新春

  “哇,真漂亮!”1月23日,在武义县璟园汤汤书屋, 剪纸非遗传承人陈月锦和泉溪镇中心小学剪纸社团的13名同学一起以刀抒怀、以纸传情,创作出不同类型的剪纸作品,用指尖上的传统技艺迎接新春。 剪纸是中国最古老的民间艺术之一。同学们在陈奶奶的耐心指导下,剪出了一幅幅“活灵活现”的“牛”图和精美的“春”“喜”字等窗花,剪出美好的新年愿望,感受最传统的年味。(连旭敏 文/摄)


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