“Mobile Digital Hospital” Enters Yiwu’s Town
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In Yiwu, a bus containing a mobile digital hospital arrives in a community at the specified time after people make an appointment on their mobile phones. People can get CT scans, B-ultrasounds, electrocardiograms (EKGs), and blood tests, and they can be given a diagnosis on site, and the medicines can be delivered to their home later. The era of “mobile medical” is coming.

On January 23, the 5G “mobile digital hospital” developed by the Fourth Hospital of Zhejiang University of Medicine was officially launched, delivering medical services and saving residents time and effort. At 8 a.m., a bus carrying more than 40 medical staff slowly drove into Chi’an Town, the town of green power in Yiwu, followed by a car for mobile CT scans and two cars carrying medical equipment.

The bus of the Fourth Hospital of Zhejiang University is the first “mobile digital hospital” in Zhejiang to achieve full-process medical services. It uses 5G+Internet technology and has around-the-clock mobile services for appointments and diagnosis, and its team can meet the demands of healthcare, including screening for special diseases, well-tailored on-site medical services, emergency rescue, and routine medical checkups.

“The Mobile Digital Hospital is an innovation and exploration of the future of mobile medicine. Despite being in different places, people get the experience of being in a normal hospital, which is a milestone in zero-distance mobile medical service in Zhejiang Province,” said Wang Kai, dean of the Fourth Hospital of Zhejiang University. The team will devote themselves to making medical services accessible to the people in the central part of Zhejiang, and strive to become the role model in mobile medical services nationwide. (Translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)





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