Jinhua sees more freight trains to Europe
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金华平台牛年首列开往法国杜尔日 罗建源/摄


Jinhua in East China's Zhejiang province, one of the country's major foreign trade engines, saw a surging number of China-Europe cargo trains in operation this year.

Unlike in the past when the freight train services were halted during the Spring Festival holiday, 27 trains delivered over 2,700 standard containers during the holiday from Feb 11 to 17 to meet the international logistics demand for epidemic control materials, auto parts, daily necessities and other materials.

义乌平台牛年首列开往白俄罗斯首都明斯克 吴亿瀚/摄


As the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected sea and air transport capacity, the China-Europe freight train services played a significant role in stabilizing international railway logistics. It ensured the smooth transportation of goods including epidemic control materials, given its stability and all-weather features.


As of Feb 17, a total of 272 trains were operated between Jinhua and its county-level city Yiwu, and destinations in Central Asia and Europe, according to the China Railway Shanghai Group Co Ltd.

Some 23,300 standard containers were transported by the trains, up 315.7 percent year-on-year.





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