Din Ziaud: My story with Jinhua
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姓名:Din Ziaud



Nationality: Pakistani

On his first visit to Jinhua in 2009, Din was impressed by the city's electric tool industry. He has stayed in Yongkang ever since. In 2016, he set up a factory, to grow his own brand, which specializes in the production of electric tools powered by lithium batteries. His products are sold to over 10 countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the UAE.


After developing his brand, he expanded production capacity and opened a store in Yiwu. He is involved in both production and sales and has seen his business expand.


Din considers doing business in Yongkang a unique experience: he can find anything he needs for production thanks to the abundance of manufacturers and the availability of all kinds of parts. Prices are always reasonable too.


In the beginning, Din was only doing purchases, but due to the increasing number of overseas orders and increasing demand for electric tools, suppliers were often unable to keep up with production. "With the increasing number of orders, I gained experience, and I asked myself, why not open my own factory and focus on my own brand?" 


After much preparation, Yongkang Din Electric Tools Co Ltd was formally established in November 2016. Din established his company on the ancient stage in the village of Lieqiao, Huajie Town. The two-story building of a little more than 100 square meters was transformed into a packaging workshop. 


At the time, his company had 10 employees who were able to produce and assemble tens of thousands of lithium-ion electric tools per month. Under favorable market conditions, annual sales could reach 4.5 million yuan ($691,000). 


In addition to being able to meet its own production demands, Din's factory also supplies parts to Yongkang's local electric tool companies. As business increased, Din rented another 100 square meters of space next door.


"China is focusing on opening up the country to further growth, actively promoting international cooperation through the Belt and Road Initiative, and adding new forces to common development," Din said. He explained that Pakistan has a strategic location on the Belt and Road and in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Pakistan and China are friendly neighbors, so the prospect of lasting cooperation between the two countries is very attractive. 


In addition to establishing a career, Din also found his soul mate in Jinhua. Three years after coming to Jinhua, Din met his "the one": "My wife is from Lanxi; I met her while in Yiwu on business." Din said that his wife is very supportive of his career. They also have a daughter, who is 4 years old now. 


Becoming an entrepreneur is by no means an easy task, but Din is full of confidence of his future career. He said that he still hopes to own a 1,000-square-meter workshop in which he runs his own big factory and provides more job opportunities. 


"Yongkang is an ideal place for entrepreneurship. Here, people are very enthusiastic. I believe that Yongkang-based enterprises will do very well." Din said that he has received help from many locals, making his life much easier. He also said he hopes to buy a house and settle down in Yongkang in the near future.


(Text and photo by Wu Yueyue, additional photos provided by the interviewee, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Kendra Fiddler)





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