IASZNU Ranks 36th in “Top 100 Think Tanks in China”
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The Global Think Tank Impact Assessment Report 2020 was officially released by the Center for Information Resources, Analysis and Application (CIRAA) at Zhejiang University. The report includes three comprehensive lists and eight sub-sector lists based on the comprehensive evaluation and rating of the data-driven paradigm of the activities of the world’s leading think tanks.

Ranking 36th among the “Top 100 Think Tanks in China,” the Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University (IASZNU) was included in the report. Since 2019, this is the second time that IASZNU has been included in the list, indicating that the institute performs consistently well in the four major think tank indicators: resource, impact, public image, and output.

From the standards of selection of the list, it can be seen that special attention is paid to the combination of academic research and the adaptation to epochal needs. The think tanks selected, in fact, focus on mutual combination of basic academic research and problem solving. This shows that the fundamental need for the establishment of think tanks during this historical phase is supported by the excellent skills in problem identification, values judgment, strategic predictions, as well as a consistent orientation towards effectiveness, problem-solving, and results. This should center the focus of attention on actual issues and effectively transform pure academic research into policy suggestions, looking at understanding realistic values, leading towards the development of public knowledge, and serving national strategies.

As an institution involved in international and area studies, IASZNU has long established connections with Africa and African scholars to work together to build a shared system of knowledge. The institute has been systematically putting forward the research field of African studies in the domestic academic community and has been putting into practice and improving its theoretical achievements. At the same time, based on the rich and distinctive research practices in the field of African studies, Professor Liu Hongwu, a leader of the discipline, has been engaging in in-depth discourse on the historical origin and academic basis, inheritance and innovation, actual issues and developmental direction of China’s international and area studies. With abundant number and wide range of publications, he has attracted extensive attention.

This the inaugural year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 20th anniversary of launch of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. New roles and missions are defined for the new era, and the IASZNU will adhere to the original principle of “global vision on African studies with Chinese characteristics”; cooperate with African scholars to jointly develop the field of African studies, enhance the basic research capabilities, strengthen think tank services, improve its internationalization, work on media publicity and public opinion guidance, and further improve collaborative innovation with international and domestic counterparts, government departments, media, enterprises, and international organizations. (Translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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