CRE Operates 300th Trip
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At 13:38 on March 23, loaded with 100 TEUs of export goods, the X8074 departed from Yiwu West Railway Station and headed for Minsk, the capital of Belarus. This is the 300th trip of the CRE (China-Europe Railway Express) this year. The CRE has already delivered 25,058 TEUs of goods this year, an increase of 373.9% year over year.

The main export goods on this train are daily necessities, fabrics, footwear, automobiles, and ship accessories. The train leftthe country through the Manzhouli port in Inner Mongolia,and after coveringa total distance of 10,978 kilometers, it will arrive in Minsk in 15 days.

Also on March 23, the Yiwu CRE operated two other trips, shipping 284 TEUs of goods in total. Of the Yiwu CRE’s 300 trips this year, 238 were outbound trips and 62 were return trips, a marked improvement over zero trips in the same period last year. During Spring Festival, the Yiwu CRE continued to operate. Organized by the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd and the related departments and companies, the first trip of the Yiwu CRE (Yiwu-Minsk) of this year was operated on the first day of the Lunar New Year. On February 17, the Yiwu CRE operated 10 trips, setting a new record in a single day. (By Ye Mengting, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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