New Energy Vehicle Industry Booms
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On March 24, at the plant of Leapmotor Co., Ltd. in the New Energy Vehicle Town in Jinhua Economic & Technological Development Zone, the new energy vehicle production line was busy, and the staff were testing new energy vehicles that were just off the line. Since the beginning of this year, the Leapmotor T03 smart new energy vehicles produced in this plant have been continuously released into the market. Under the guidance of the concept of “Internet +,” the Leapmotor T03 is equipped with a smart driving assistance system and a high-performance battery.

At present, its production line is in full swing, and orders are already scheduled for the second quarter. In the first quarter, over 5000 vehicles were ordered, an increase of nearly 10 times over the same period last year. (Text and photo by Hu Xiaofei, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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