New Business District in Yiwu
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Rendering of the new CBD in Yiwu

In terms ofsymbols of modernization,it is safe to say that Lujiazuiis the landmark of Shanghai, and Qianjiang New City is the landmark of Hangzhou. In the wake of a city’sdevelopment, the central business district(CBD)has become an indispensable part of a modern city.

As a symbol of urban modernization and thefunctional centerof the city, a CBD was also built in Yiwu a few years ago. Today, this CBD thatis adjacent to the International Trade City has also become the landmarkof Yiwu. However,Yiwu’s urbanization andeconomic developmenthave brought with them the saturation of the CBD. Therefore, a “CBD 2.0” is soonto be established. On March 23, Lin Yi, secretary of the JinhuaMunicipal Party Committee, carried out aninvestigationon accelerating the construction of anew CBD in Yiwu.

The Yiwu New CBD block will belocated between the Yiwu Botanical Garden and the International Trade City block, with Yongjin Avenue in the north, Guomao Avenue in the east, Shangcheng Avenue in the south, and Xicheng North Road in the west. The total area is about 2.15 square kilometers, and the planning of the first phase,covering 625,400 square meters,has been completed. The project focuses on the three majorindustries of trade services, production services, and life services, and the three majorelementsof industrial innovation complex + smart neighborhood + talent attraction.” Thisdemonstration district with commercial and intellectual power will echothe prosperityof the Financial Business District. Already, several large cross-border trading companies have expressed their intention to settle inthe new CBD.

At the end of 2019, the new CBD project was put on the agenda on the basis of multi-party visits andconsultations with citizens, companies, and government departments. In mid-February last year, the preparation of the detailed spatial planning and urban designstarted; in July2020, the planningpassed expert review.In Septemberof 2020, the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee held a special meeting to listen to the related work reports, further clarifying the development direction and functional locationof the project.Based on the previous work,the Yiwu New CBD project will start construction in April this year. The supporting road in the new CBD area, which is the first piece of infrastructure for the project,is expected to be completed within this year.

During the investigation, Lin Yi visited the new CBD blockand held a symposium to listen to the work report of relevant departments such as the Silk Road New District, Futian Street,and more. Lin Yi emphasized that the new CBD project is of great significance to improvingthe image of Yiwu, expandingthe urban space, supportinginnovative carriers and talents inYiwu, and invigoratingYiwu’sofficials. We shouldlisten to the opinions of all partiestoimprove the planning, optimize the spatial layout, and promote the construction of the new CBD project; we should further explore the development model, strengthen overall coordination, formulate rational and technical plans, work out relevant timetables, and proceed with the project in anorderly manner; we should attract more investment, learn from experiencetoinnovate themethodsof investment attraction, and improve relevant support policies. The existing financial and business districts mustrevitalize theirstock resources, accelerate the introduction of high-quality projects, establish project entry standards, implement policiesin light of differentconditions, effectively expand market access, offer meticulousservice, andpromote theexisting projects. (By Wang Ting, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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