New Agricultural Tech Park in Jinhua
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On the morning of March 25, the Jinhua Park of the National University Science and Technology Park of China Agricultural University (CAU) was inaugurated in Jinhua. This park was co-established by the National University Science and Technology Park of CAU, Xinjian Business College, and the Jinhua government. Shao Guoqiang, deputy mayor of Jinhua, and Wu Jiazhi, director of the National University Science Park of CAU, unveiled the nameplate of Jinhua Park together.

At the inauguration ceremony, the first batch of projects to be implemented by Jinhua Park was signed, including the Jinhua laboratory project for the development of biological seed and modern agricultural machinery, and the functional nutrient analysis and deep processing project of anoectochilus(jewel orchids) and Jinhua bergamot.

According to a director from Xinjian Business College, the main operator of Jinhua Park, in the future Jinhua Park will bring in new agricultural varieties and high-tech research and development companies, and further improve company incubation, technological incubation, financial services, and training systems. (By He Yitao, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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