Machines Pick Tea Before Tomb Sweeping Day
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On March 29, tea farmers in the village of Zhengxinwu, Hushan Subdistrict, Wuyi were harvesting tea leaves before Tomb Sweeping Day. As Tomb Sweeping Day was approaching and temperature rising, over 6,666 hectares of tea plantations were filled with burgeoning tea leaves, and mountains were also covered with lush tea leaves.

To harvest the first crop of spring tea leaves before Tomb Sweeping Day, over 1,900 tea plucking machines were used to pick new tea in the tea plantations and mountains. The use of machines rather than manual labor served to enhance the economic benefits. A single tea plucking machine can harvest over 5,000 kilograms of tea leaves, which is equal to the amount that 80 to 100 tea farmers could do in the same amount of time. (By Li Yunsheng, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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