Promoting Jinhua-Yiwu CRE Development
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The Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group Office for “Going Global” has recently issued the Provincial Management Measures for the Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe (YXE) of the China Railway Express (CRE), and decided to strengthen the overall plan at the provincial level, further improve the new model of the two-way platform, and promote the high-quality YXE operation of the CRE.

Presently, a total of 11 YXE routes for the CRE have been listed as characteristic routes in the first half of 2021: the four lines from the Jinhua platform to Dourges, Baku, Kiev, and Budapest, and the seven lines from Yiwu to Madrid, Prague, Vilnius, Duisburg, Liège, Anzali, and Hanoi. The Jinhua-Budapest line and the Yiwu-Anzali line are in the process of opening, and the remaining nine lines are already operational.

The YXE Express will make a minimum of 1,500 trips and strive for 1,800 trips this year. (By Xu Zhaohui, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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