Top Cases of Intellectual Property Infringement, 2020
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On April 26, on the occasion of the 21st World Intellectual Property Day and National Intellectual Property Publicity Week, Yiwu released the top ten typical cases of intellectual property infringement in 2020. These were selected by customs, the public security bureau, the procuratorates, the courts, and the market supervision bureaus.

The ten cases announced this time mainly involved the sale of counterfeit registered trademark products, the production of counterfeit trademarked products, etc. It is reported that the top ten cases, in addition to these aspects, began to take advantage of digital platforms, such as livestream platforms, online shopping platforms and so on, and the illegal acts of intellectual property infringement showed new and more complicated characteristics.

In addition, Yiwu, as the world’s commodities capital, is an important fulcrum city of the Belt and Road Initiative. In recent years, Yiwu has carried out a campaign to fight against property infringement around the export of commodities along the Belt and Road, with Yiwu Port and various logistics and warehousing transit points as the starting point of supervision, radiating to the market, and highlighting the export of commodities along Belt and Road countries. (By Wang Ting, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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