Jinhua native to compete at 2020 Olympic Games
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The Chinese kayak team has qualified for all the kayak events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Wang Congkang, a Jinhua native, is a member of the national team.

Wang, 25, rose to fame in 2014 when he won his first national competition.

Now, he will compete for the country at the Olympic Games.

Wang's first coach Chen Chunsheng remembers being impressed by him during their first meeting 13 years ago.

The then 12-year-old Wang was tanned and especially tall. "With long hands, feet, tall stature, perfect explosive force, and fast running, Wang is made for kayak," said the coach.

Chen said that he was more impressed by the expression on Wang's face, which revealed that he is not afraid of hard work and never gives up.

Chen presented a name card to Wang, asking him if he wanted to join the provincial team. Chen also said that Wang could discuss the matter with his parents.

The phrase "success is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent hard work" is applicable to all athletes. When training started, Wang's hands and feet were filled with blisters. Despite the pain, Wang soldiered on.

In Wang's eyes, the two medals he won at provincial kayak tournaments mean a lot to him as they inspired him to work even harder to achieve greater success.

Back then, Wang has just started training for one year or so. Far away from parents, hard training, not-well performance, Wang wanted to back out but the two gold medals gave him confidence.

Wang said that from the initial nervousness to current calmness, his coaches and teammates have always been a pillar of support.

"We train together every day and team events require a high level of teamwork," noted Wang.

"My life has been inseparable from kayak and my biggest dream is to become a world champion."

Let's witness the Jinhua native's wonderful performance at the upcoming Olympic Games.

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