CITIC Bank: Cross-Border E-Commerce Financial Solution
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On July 8, SIE 4th China (Yiwu) Cross-border E-commerce Expo was held in Yiwu International Expo Center. China CITIC Bank has prepared a cross-border e-commerce financial solution for merchants on the platform. The solution could provide a safe, efficient, and low-cost option for foreign exchange funds collection and settlement services for e-commerce merchants engaged in cross-border trade. The first phase of the solution mainly supports the North American station and European station (including the UK station) of the Amazon platform.

A seller on Amazon, Mr. Zhang asked a question about the stability of payments. A staff member of the bank explained that the solution is the first attempt at bank-to-bank cooperation. Funds and information are all in a closed loop, so security can be guaranteed. Moreover, the solution supports real-time synchronization of domestic and foreign funds (T+0) and domestic withdrawal of funds within seconds (S+0).

“Settlement from the bank makes people feel more assured!” said Mr. Zhang, “The fee rate of Amazon small and medium sellers is generally high. This solution, however, offers a phased reduction for new registered users, and the subsequent cap is only two thousandths. It could really benefit all!” (Translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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