Dongyang’s Bamboo Craftsmanship Conference
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On July 11, the Bamboo Craftsmanship Industry Conference was held in Dongyang. This year’s theme was about developing the strength of original ecological industry and achieving the rejuvenation of bamboo craftsmanship.

The conference provides an important exchange platform for promoting the inheritance, innovation, and development of China’s bamboo craftsmanship. Furthermore, it makes a great contribution to conveying the cultural connotation of bamboo craftsmanship in modern society.

To protect and carry forward the spirit of traditional bamboo craftsmanship, the Dongyang government will take full advantage of the gathering of hundreds of practitioners and experts in Asia-Pacific to explore in-depth the meaning of bamboo culture. The conference will also put into practice the government’s efforts to create small and micro culture&innovation parks, with the aim to provide support throughout the crafting process from design to sales and boosting the healthy development of the bamboo craftsmanship industry. (By Hu Zhenan, translated by Huang Dan, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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