Comprehensive Transportation Partial Opening
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On July 26, part of the comprehensive transportation hub building of Yiwu Railway Station was put into use, which adds 1475 underground parking spaces to Yiwu Railway Station. Meanwhile, the fees for motor vehicles in the parking lot of Yiwu Railway Station have been reduced.

The parking lots on the first and second floor underground and five newly built and repaired roads were put into use, including Zhannan 1st Road, Zhannan 2nd Road, Zhannan 3rd Road, Zhannan 4th Road, and Square Avenue. In addition, three entrances were opened along Plaza Avenue, including one entrance for people dropping off passengers and two entrances to underground parking lots. The entrance to the railway station located on the second floor of the hub building is also open, and passengers can find the entrance by following signs inside the hub building. This design enables passengers to directly enter Yiwu Station from the hub building and shortens the time to walk into the station.

The comprehensive transportation hub project of Yiwu Railway Station covers a total land area of 41 hectares, with an estimated investment of 1.6 billion RMB. As an important window for Yiwu to display its image, the comprehensive transportation hub brings together multiple transportation modes such as high-speed railways, buses, taxis, online car-hailing services, and private cars, enabling passengers to conveniently use any type of vehicle. According to the director of Yiwu Transportation Tourism Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., the rest of the functional areas of the hub building are still being renovated and will be successively put into use. By then, rail transit, buses, taxis, online car-hailing services, long-distance buses, etc. will be available in the comprehensive transportation hub, meeting the requirements of different passengers.

As the hub building is being put into use, the original fees for No. 1–4 parking lots of Yiwu Railway Station are changing. With the adjustment, the parking fees at Yiwu Railway Station have dropped significantly compared with the previous fees, and they are also much lower than the prices for railway station parking lots in Jinhua, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, and other areas with similar passenger flow. Passengers can choose different parking lots to park their vehicles according to different parking needs. For example, for short-term parking, they can choose the nearest underground parking lot in the hub building; for long-term parking, they can choose Nos. 1–4 parking lots in Yiwu Railway Station. (By Chen Jianxian, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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