Jinhua locals attend CPC centenary ceremony
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Jinhua citizens attended the grand celebrations for the centenary of the Communist Party of China which was held at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on July 1.

Among them were

Chen Wei, a recipient of the "People's Hero" national honorary title

Lu Yangchun, Party secretary of Cailu village and a national-level outstanding Party affairs worker

Zhao Wen'ge, president of Zhejiang China Small Commodities City Group Co, which has been recognized as a national-level advanced grassroots Party organization

Twenty-nine helicopters formed the number 100 over Tian'anmen Square at the beginning of the ceremony to mark the CPC's 100th birthday. Piloting one of the helicopters in the formation was Jinhua native Zhang Xiaodong. "At that moment, I was too focused on the task at hand to feel proud," said Zhang.

The 29-year-old hails from Wuyi county, Jinhua, and holds the rank of major. Since his graduation from military school in 2014, he has clocked more than 1,000 hours of flight time and has participated in military parades, airplane exhibitions, and various military exercises.

In April this year, Zhang was named one of the pilots for the centenary celebrations after a rigorous selection process. "We are required to fly for an hour, closely following the flag echelon and slogan echelon," said Zhang.

To ensure success, Zhang and his teammates underwent more than three months of training, during which they spent an average of four hours in the helicopter every day.

After undergoing the training, the pilots succeeded in maintaining a minimum spacing of 20 meters between one another.

At 8 am, a choir kicked off the celebrations with seven classic songs.

Xu Jiachen, an 18-year-old from Wuyi, was one of the members of the choir.

Xu signed up for the choir at the beginning of year before undergoing a 100-day training program.

Xu said that she used to think that Wuyi was a small county when she was a child. However, her hometown has since become more livable and developed. "I'm proud to be a Wuyi native," she said.

Looking to the future, Xu said she wants to play a part in China's progress. "The country has cultivated our youngsters and we need to repay the motherland. I hope I can contribute to the country's prosperous development."

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