Lanxi’s Textile Companies on Ranking List
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On August 3, the China Cotton Textile Association (CCTA) published the “Ranking List of 2020 National Textile Industry by Revenue,” which features 13 companies from Lanxi.

Ranking textile companies by revenue is one of the important activities to serve the members of the CCTA, which has had a positive influence in leading the high-quality development of the textile industry and promoting fair competition among textile companies. It is also regarded as an authoritative certificate in various aspects for the textile companies, including recognition of well-known trademarks, industry evaluation, financing credit, the evaluating standard for the best individual item, and more.

The 13 Lanxi-based companies on the list are: Wanzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd., Xinhai Textile Co., Ltd., Seven-Star Textile Co., Ltd., Lima Yunshan Textile Co., Ltd., Weichen Textile Co., Ltd., Jinsuo Textile Co., Ltd., Xinlan Textile Co., Ltd., Listen Textile Co., Ltd., Yuda Textile Co., Ltd., Clotho Textile Co., Ltd., Wenrong Textile Co., Ltd., Yijun Fashion Textile Co., Ltd., and Shiyada Textile Co., Ltd.

Compared with the previous year, both the quantity and ranking of Lanxi’s textile companies on the list have improved. Two new companies on the list are Yijun Fashion Textile Co., Ltd. and Shiyada Textile Co., Ltd. The 11 other companies have shown increasing improvement in the rankings, especially Wanzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd., whose ranking has improved from 32 to 17, showing its strong comprehensive strength and development potential.

In recent years, Lanxi has adhered to the strategy of revitalizing the city through strong industry and has been exploring transformation methods for traditional industries based on the digitization of the textile industry. The application of “4+X,” a lightweight and intelligent manufacturing technique, has brought about a great transition of the textile industry from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. (By Cheng Chao, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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