Jinhua-Tencent Cooperation
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On July 30, the Beijing-based Tencent Cloud Computing Company Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone (JETDZ). The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in smart city construction, cultural innovation, and scientific innovation in the new era.

On August 5, Dao Feng, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said that the company is focused on industrial transformation and urban upgrading. Tencent Cloud and the JETDZ will establish a joint venture to build an entrepreneurship and innovation base for “cultural innovation and scientific innovation in the new era,” so as to promote regional digital development.

Zhang Xuhui, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the JETDZ, said that in order to promote the integrated development of industries and of Jinhua, through the cooperation with Tencent Cloud, they will build Cloud platforms for key industries, jointly create a new model of industry-city integration, and provide a new engine for urban digitization. “The JETDZ has a profound cultural basis, while Tencent Cloud is one of the world’s largest cultural and entertainment companies. The synergy of the two sides in culture innovation in the new era will also be a highlight of the cooperation,” said Dao. He added that Tencent Cloud will give full play to its advantages and strength of cultural innovation, and help the JETDZ to integrate its cultural resources into the industries and create more value.

Specifically, Tencent Cloud will share its intellectual property with the JETDZ. In terms of key cultural industries such as e-sports and film and television, the two sides will develop benchmark projects, such as building a film and television cultural base and opening an e-sports college. “Cooperating with Tencent Cloud will accelerate the JETDZ’s industrial transformation,” said Zhang. Regarding industrial transformation, the two sides will focus on the following three aspects.

First, the two sides will create new platforms for cultural and scientific innovation in the new era. For example, they will build an e-sports town and an e-sports industrial park to promote the real economy, develop entertainment culture with e-sports elements, and provide people with more entertainment choices. They will build an e-sports college to provide a complete e-sports curriculum system, training platforms, and a certification system. In addition, they will build film and television and online livestreaming bases, establish short-film production studios and digital studios, and set up bases for music creation, processing, and promotion.

The second strategy is to develop new business forms. For example, they will build an e-sports center for teenagers to have immersive experiences, organize e-sports events, construct a smart e-sports hall to hold large-scale international e-sports events, build e-sports-themed supporting facilities such as an e-sports museum and an e-sports hotel, promote online and offline e-sports tourism, and more.

Finally, they will gather new resources. Tencent Cloud’s industrial resources of technology, publicity, and business opportunities can help the JETDZ to support and cultivate local companies, attract Tencent’s business partners, optimize the regional industrial structure, and promote the industrial agglomeration of the digital economy. (By Ni Han, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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