Pujiang Products Go International
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On August 9, 15,000 bottles of Pujiang’s specialty product “Wanfang fermented bean curd” were exported to South Korea after inspection. Although affected by the pandemic, Zhejiang Wanfang Condiment Co., Ltd. entered the international market with the help of Jinhua Customs and forged a new path for marketing. As a result, its sales increased in 2020 by 19.7% over the previous year.

In order to further expand the export market of traditional industries, Jinhua Customs conducts surveys on international market access standards through various sources. It assisted Wanfang in improving its taste, packaging, size of goods, and safety standards for its fermented bean curd, and successfully opened the door to the international market.

In recent years, Jinhua Customs has effectively assisted local companies in breaking foreign technical barriers and comprehensively improved the level of trade facilitation, in addition to the department’s more mundane functions. To further promote Pujiang’s characteristic and high-quality agricultural products, it is necessary to give full play to the functional advantages of Jinhua Customs and the testing platform of the Jinhua Customs Comprehensive Technical Service Center, and strengthen support for the construction of export bases of local agricultural products, such as fruits, alpine vegetables, flower seedlings, and grain products within Pujiang County. All these efforts will improve control capabilities for quality and safety and enhance international competitiveness. (By Hu Zhenan, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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