TCM Hospital Distributes Anti-Pandemic Medicine
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“What is this medicine for? Is it bitter?” “Can pregnant women drink it?” The staff cafeteria is the first stop this year for the Jinhua Hospital of TCM to offer traditional Chinese medicine for pandemic prevention free of charge, and it will serve more people in the future.

Coronavirus belongs to the category of “epidemic with summer heat-dampness” in TCM theory. It is a series of symptoms caused by the virus invading the human body, including fever, fatigue, dry cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, decreased sense of smell and taste, myalgia, diarrhea, etc. In response to the call of the Municipal Health Commission, famous TCM experts from the Jinhua Preventive Treatment of Disease Center for Disease Control and Epidemic Prevention and Control Center of Jinhua Hospital of TCM developed a TCM prescription to prevent the pandemic based on the concept of “improving physical fitness to withstand pathogenic factors” in light of the current pandemic situation and the seasonal climate characteristics of Jinhua. To meet different needs, granules are specially offered in addition to liquid medicines. For example, office workers and students can take granules with them anywhere they go.

The Jinhua Hospital of TCM set up three distribution points and prepared anti-pandemic liquid medicines for 1,500 people’s consumption. Many people consult the doctors while drinking the liquid medicines. Wang Guojun, director of the pharmacy department of the hospital, and other medical staff patiently answer their questions.

From August 9 to 13, the Jinhua Hospital of TCM distributed anti-pandemic liquid medicines and increased the distribution to more than 4,000 doses per day. In the next step, the hospital will continue to provide liquid medicines for staff from other key posts, such as free vaccination locations, isolation observation locations, etc. During the pandemic last year, Jinhua Hospital of TCM also sent staff to the front line of fighting against the pandemic to donate liquid medicines, which were well received by the public. (By Dai Weiwen, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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