Reforms and Innovations in Yiwu
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Since its expansion, Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has formed a new pattern of full opening up and made five clusters of achievements. Among the fifth group of “Top Ten” achievements, two more achievements in Yiwu were selected. So far, 5 groups including 10 projects in Yiwu have been selected as landmark achievements of the province’s FTZ construction.

On June 1, the country’s first county-level international commercial legal service center was settled in the Yiwu Area; this measure was one of the fifth batch of Top Ten achievements in the Zhejiang Pilot FTZ. On July 1, the X9018 train departed from Yiwu West Railway Station for Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan filled with export goods, which marked the success of the first China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan road-rail combined transport in the Yangtze Delta Region. This also became a new landmark achievement in the fifth batch of Yiwu’s achievements.

In the past year, Yiwu has focused on the construction of an international small commodities free trade center, a digital trade innovation center, an inland international logistics hub port, a manufacturing innovation demonstration site, and a major platform for open cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative. With institutional innovation at its core and digital transformation as its driving force, Yiwu has promoted the construction of digital pilot free trade zones and system innovation with high quality. Its development of pilot free trade zones is at the forefront of the province. At present, Yiwu’s financial court, upgraded sea-rail combined transport, the local branch of the National Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Response and Guidance Center, and the reformation of processes for foreigners working in China have all become landmark achievements in the construction of the province’s free trade pilot zone.

In addition, Yiwu has made use of many advantages accumulated in the pilot reform of international trade, benchmarked against prevailing international rules to continuously promote breakthroughs in system innovation, and built a first-class digital government, as well as creating a better business environment. A number of Yiwu’s projects were selected as the first batch of best system innovation cases in the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2021. Presently, Yiwu is accelerating the construction of the digital pilot FTZ, working hard to produce more landmark achievements, and getting ready for the first anniversary of the pilot FTZ. (By Wang Ting, translated by Jiang Yifan, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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