Dongyang’s Highlights
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Dating back to more than 1,800 years, Dongyang’s history has a large cultural heritage. Today, with thriving industries and vigorous economic growth, Dongyang has become one of the top 100 county-level cities in China. Its leading industries such as magnetic electronics, biomedicine, mahogany carving, architecture, and film are booming.

Woodcarving Town is located in Dongyang Economic Development Zone, with a planned area of about 2.9 square kilometers. Based on the Dongyang mahogany carving industry, the Woodcarving Town has established a whole industrial chain, from timber trading to product development, production, and sales. The town has introduced more than 20 well-known mahogany furniture companies such as Lu Guangzheng Studio and Daqing Hanlin, and 233 woodcarving-related companies, to promote the integration of traditional mahogany crafts and modern art, creating modern mahogany furniture brands.

Hengdian World Studios is not only a highlight of Dongyang, but also a dream factory for many people from all over the country. Some come to Hengdian to see his/her idols in person, some to chase dreams, some to have a different life experience, and some are eager to become famous overnight. An average of 13,000 extras from across the country come to Hengdian each year, staying for a few weeks or several years. 

“I came to Hengdian to prove myself to my parents, to change the status quo of my life, and to chase my dream of being an actress,” said Zhou Rulan, a dream chaser from a rural area of Lu’an, Anhui.

After more than 20 years of hard work, Hengdian World Studios maintains its leading role in the Chinese film and tourism industries. Each year, Hengdian receives more than 300 film crews from at home and abroad and films more than 70,000 episodes, accounting for 1/4 of the national film and television dramas and 2/3 of the costume dramas. The number of annual tourists reaches nearly 20 million. (By Hu Zhenan, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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