Chen Long Visits Shenzhen for Investment Inspection
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From July 29 to 30, Chen Long, secretary of the Jinhua Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to Shenzhen for investment inspection and witnessed the signing of several projects. He stated that projects are the “pillar” of development, and that relevant departments in Jinhua must carry out strong actions to attract large-scale companies, strengthen the industry, promote transformation with greater efforts, strive to cultivate new growth momentum, and create a new situation for high-quality development. Lin Xiaofeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, and Li Xiongwei, director of the Management Committee of the Jinyi New District, participated in the related activities.

At Tencent Co., Ltd., Chen listened to the introduction of the development of Tencent Cloud, the smart industry business group, as well as WeDoctor Group, and witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Jinhua Economic & Technological Development Zone and Tencent Cloud. Prior to this, Jinhua Development Zone has cooperated with Tencent Cloud in social governance and economic industry. In the future, the two parties will focus on industrial transformation, collecting new resources, cultivating new business formats, and jointly build new platforms such as “new cultural creation + new technological innovation.” To improve the quality of the city, they will explore a number of new governance methods, create Smart scenarios, and work together to promote future community construction and urban digital transformation.

Chen congratulated the two parties’ comprehensive cooperation. He said that the 14th Five-Year Plan is the rising and golden period of Jinhua’s development. The municipal government will focus on developing the digital economy and building a 100-billion RMB information industry cluster, and it is looking for strong, high-tech companies like Tencent to take the lead and promote its development, invest more projects in Jinhua, and draw more ecological companies to settle in Jinhua. The government will provide sufficient resources, the most powerful policy support, and considerable government services, so that companies will have no concerns about investing in the industry. Dao Feng, vice president of Tencent, said that Jinhua’s growth momentum made them confident in deepening cooperation between the two sides. They are willing to invest core technical and ecological resources to cooperate with Jinhua in digital construction and new business cultivation.

Ubtech Robotics Co., Ltd. is a global high-tech company, focusing on researching and developing artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, developing platform softwares, and selling products. Chen visited the company’s laboratories, exhibition halls, and more; learned about scientific research and development, production, and operation; and gave positive comments on the company’s rapid development in recent years.

At the subsequent symposium, Chen introduced Jinhua’s economic and social development and investment environment, and witnessed the signing of relevant cooperation agreements between the Dongyang government and the companies. He said that Jinhua has a solid manufacturing base and is highly adaptable to the supporting facilities required for the production of humanoid robots from Ubtech Robotics. Meanwhile, the company has technical advantages in areas such as artificial intelligence education, smart elderly care, and smart logistics, while Jinhua has market needs in these areas, so they can carry out pragmatic cooperation. Chen hopes that the two parties will keep in touch and plans to promote more projects in Jinhua.

Zhou Jian, chairman of Ubtech Robotics, said that Jinhua has geographical advantages, solid industrial foundation, and a favorable business environment, and Ubtech values the bilateral cooperation. The company is willing to increase exchanges and strive to promote the implementation of more high-quality projects to contribute to the development of Jinhua during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

During this trip, the investment investigation delegation visited other companies to learn about their cooperation intentions. In addition, Dongyang government signed a contract with Tencent on relevant cooperation projects. (By Sheng You, translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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